How beautiful upon the mountains are they that bring good news.

Since 1999, I have made thirty-two journeys to Israel. The gained knowledge and insight to help you to go to the Holyland is something that I can assist you with as an individual, or as a group. I work with the finest tour operators in the land and together we can build an itinerary to fit every budget and time frame that you desire.  

My specialty in the travel business is Israel. It truly is where heaven and earth meet. Israel is a safe, beautiful, historic, modern and the most prophetic destination on the planet. I can help you with any portion of traveling to the Holyland - International airfares, hotels, guides, tours, Biblical and breathtaking sites, and meeting the people who live in the land. The sign and wonder stories that accompany me and the call of God on my life to help others make their pilgrimage is deepened with every journey that I personally go on.

I believe that putting Israel in the hearts of young people is essential and I encourage young men and women to go to Israel - do not wait until you are older. It is in Israel that the Bible becomes tangible and one often gains direction for their lives with the experiance.

Time for a story . . . ? In October 2004, as I was walking in the Old City of Jerusalem, I came across an elderly man who was "lost" and was studying a map. Knowing the Old City as I do, I asked if he needed help, which of course he welcomed. As we walked to his destination I asked him how many times he had been to Israel. He said it was his first. "Oh" I said, "May I ask how old you are?" He answered by telling me that he was in his 60's. Being the "reserved but direct" person I am, I asked him "Do you wish that you would have come sooner in life?" With tears in his eyes he said "Yes!" From that moment on the scripture where my name is found in the Siddur in Psalm 48:12&13 rang clear in my spirit. With that I encourage people to come to Israel - anytime, but especially when you are young.


"Come, let us go up to Zion!"


Anointing the Eastern Gate



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