How beautiful upon the mountains are they that bring good news.
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Shalom and Welcome,

 My name is Cynthia Hillson. Please take a few minutes to get to know me and the purpose behind this web site. Thank You!

Being the mother of six children and Grandma to 5.  I've been the wife of David for 35 years. I'm the author of six home economic books that I wrote in the 90's and currently write about the Biblical plants for health and pleasure with my ministry Precious Oils Up On The Hill®. I'm also a "missionary mom" which has taught me volumes of ways to obtain the best value in all areas of my life, including travel. Since 1999 I've been a conduit between those who are seeking travel with value and about eight years ago I began to embark a new phase of my life as a travel consultant to Israel. I do consider what I do to be "ministry" since I am a full-time minister of the Gospel and serving others is what I was created to do. I also have been created to share love and comfort to Israel in unique and special ways.

I've recently begun to speak to groups how they can be a sweet smelling fragrance to the nostrils of God by being a blessing to Israel. In September of 2007 I was a conference speaker in Florida. A blog was written about one of my sessions. It was encouraging to me to gain her perspective on the importance of blessing to the Jew first. You can read the blog at



When the Creator of all of Heaven and Earth spoke this world into being He was extravagant to give us hills and mountaintops, gardens and forests, tranquil streams and roaring oceans, beautiful beaches, paradise islands, and deserts that bloom! The world truly is our backyard.


 If you or a group desires to go to Israel we will be happy to assist you in your planning. Traditional tours or independent journeys, we are able to help you get to the place where heaven and earth meet. You'll never be the same once you encounter God in the place where He has placed His name.

We also assist missionaries to the four corners of the world by working with consolidators for the best airfares.
We are also able to book cruise to any destination in the world. E-mail me with your travel requests.




6 Feb 2008

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